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Laser Welding

Low distortion welding of precision molds and tooling.

Welding & Fabrication

Now available at our new and expanded facility.

TIG Welding

For large engineering changes and damaged areas.

Precision Component Welding

Close tolerance welding to blueprint specifications.

Stress Relieve Furnace

Used after heavy machining or large weld build ups.


Your One-stop Shop for all Your Welding & Fabrication Needs

ALWS was founded on the premise that the availability of a high-end, precision welding provider that understood the needs of the manufacturers – especially in the plastics industry – was needed in our marketplace.

Laser welding is the best solution for little to no distortion welding of precision molds and tooling. This process uses a wire as small as a human hair to produce welds as small as .004 and is performed under a microscope. The precision of this process is unmatched. Our welders are trained, and focused on providing the finest workmanship available.

The Micro-TIG welding process is the best solution for welds requiring moderate build up with high precision. It is quicker and less expensive than laser welding.

TIG welding is used for applying material for larger engineering changes and damaged areas that are too extensive for laser welding to be cost effective or time efficient.

Our new facility provides for large welding and fabrication projects. Contact us for more information.

Furnaces are then used to colormatch weld, which eliminates the appearance of the weld and its heat affected zone whenever necessary.


ALWS – Meeting the demand in technology as the industrial marketplace changes.


 Our highly skilled team offers your project the focus and attention to detail you’ve come to expect from ALWS.


Please contact us for more information on how ALWS can provide laser welding solutions to your operation.